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Regenerative Medicine is a rapidly expanding set of innovative medical technologies that restore function by enabling the body to repair, replace, and regenerate damaged, aging or diseased cells, tissues and organs.

Stem cell treatment can hold the potential to stop/slow the progression of many disease and the aging process. Our medical centre uses human stem cells combined with supporting treatments which stimulate the stem cell activities.

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stem cell treatmentAnti-aging (Cosmetic & Wellness)

stem cell treatmentArthritis & Pain

stem cell treatmentCOPD & Lung Disease

stem cell treatmentDiabetes Type 1

stem cell treatmentDiabetes Type 2

stem cell treatmentLiver Disease

stem cell treatmentMotor Neuron Disease (ALS, MS)

stem cell treatmentSpinal Cord Injury

stem cell treatmentSports Injury

stem cell treatment

Adipose Stem Cell Treatment:

Your own stem cells and other regenerative cell mix, taken from your fat tissue. This method is ideal for Orthopedic and anti-aging. Also due to the high yield of stem cells we offer stem cell storage for follow up treatments and future use.


stem cell treatmentDonor Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Treatment:

These stem cells are juvenile cells offering a potentially higher regeneration rate then your own cells. This option is ideal for disease which has progressed into later stages and for patients who do not wish to have the liposuction process used with Adipose stem cell treatment programs.


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